„Let us tell you how awesome the event from last week was! Volunteer Maria held the Romanian Cultural evevning in GOK Michalowo. this evevning had everything: original beautiful photos, folk stories, and important traditions. The most attractive point of the night was the real story of Dracula, that everyone, from the youngest child to their parents were fascinated to find out. Every sense was delighted, including our taste buds, because we tasted the delicious and traditionally romanian food „mămăligă cu brânză și smântână”.
See here some pictures from the event: https://goo.gl/photos/dENjuzZzayAc12tQ7

This event was co-funded by Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

On 5th of December, in order to celebrate the international volunteering day, we moved all our energy and good mood from Michalowo to Grodek school. There we knew the students in secondary school and we talked with them about tolerance in a workshop: What is tolerance? What it means in our everyday life? Are we enought tolerant? What can we do to improove our society in tolerance? We enjoyed so much and we learnt a lot also from them. And it wasn’t all! After that we participated in a wonderful gala about volunteering with all the people in the school, where we focus on volunteering job around the topic of happiness. We want to thank everybody there the warm atmosphere and hundreds of smiles (even presents!) in such a special day. See you soon.

To dla nas wyjątkowy dzień:)
Z okazji Międzynarodowego Dnia Wolontariusza, w imieniu całego zespołu EVS składamy serdeczne życzenia i podziękowania wszystkim wolontariuszom.
Chcemy podziękować za Waszą pracę i zaangażowanie. Życzymy Wam spełnienia w pracy oraz tego, aby bezinteresowna pomoc innym pozostała częścią Was. Szczególne życzenia i podziękowania składamy wszystkim wolontariuszom Wolontariatu Europejskiego, którzy współpracują bądź współpracowali z nami w ciągu ostatnich lat.

Drodzy Wolontariusze, życzymy Wam wszystkiego co najlepsze. Niech Wasze dalsze działania dostarczają Wam jak najwięcej wewnętrznej satysfakcji, a radość tych, którym pomagacie niech motywuje Was do dalszego działania.

This is really speciall day for us:)
Because of International Volunteer Day, on behalf of the entire team EVS we make heartfelt wishes and thanks to all the Volunteers.
We want to thank you for your work and commitment. We wish you fulfilment at work and that service to others remains a part of you. Special wishes and thanks go to all EVS volunteers who work or worked with us over the years.

Dear volunteers, we wish you all the best. Let your further actions provide you a lot of satisfaction and the the joy of those that you are helping – let motivates you to further action.