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Here you can find the information about all our hosting places for EVS volunteers in Poland.

Please read the information , enjoy the movies and if you are interested in one or more placements for your EVS, please contact us by email sneding the filled in application form:

EVS Application Form ANAWOJ[DOC, 280 kB, English version]

EVS Hosting place: „ANAWOJ” – Association of International and Intercultural Exchange – in Michałowo/Poland

EVS Hosting place: School Complex Grodek (ZS w Gródku) – Primary and Secondary School

EVS Hosting place: Esperanto assocation in Bialystok (Białostocka Towarzystwo Esperantystów)

EVS Hosting place: Special School complex nr. 11 in Białystok

EVS Hosting place: Special School complex nr. 16 in Białystok

EVS Hosting place: Special Educational School Centre Waldemar Kikolski in Bialystok / Specjalny Ośrodek szkolno-Wychowawczy w Białymstoku (SOSW)

EVS Hosting place: School Centre in Suchowola

EVS Hosting place: School Centre in Dąbrowa Białostocka